Monthly Archive:: January 2016

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bespoke Joinery in West Sussex

When looking to hire a professional bespoke joinery in West Sussex, many people often confuse a professional joiner with an ordinary carpenter. If you are simply having your rooms remodelled, then a carpenter will do you just

Find the right builders for your renovation project

Starting a new building project can be a real thrill. You’ve saved for months – maybe years – and you’ve discussed endlessly which walls need to come down and what paint colours should provide interest. You’ve poured

Finding the best conveyancers to transfer your title deeds

Finding the perfect new home is not always easy and sometimes the process takes many months. Once you’ve done it, you celebrate the end of the search and begin the process of packing up, with all the

Causes of Dampness Inside & Outside the Home

Dampness both in and outside of the home can cause major problems and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. In order to prevent dampness from taking place it is important to make sure you know what

Information you should Know About Basement Waterproofing

Most homeowners are faced with basement waterproof problems. This can happen for several reasons; one of them being that the waterproofing was not done properly. If that is the case it can cause a whole range of

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